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Banking made easy.
Discover what’s possible with ALEXBANK.

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Blockchain spending expected to reach $2.9B in 2019

Despite large losses in cryptocurrencies in 2018, interest in the underlying blockchain technology continued unabated, according to an IDC report.

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How IoT will drive the fourth industrial revolution

A unique moment in history has begun as IoT and the fourth industrial revolution combine to evolve and shift the landscape of manufacturing.

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Why UX and UI should remain separate

A lot of us would have heard of the term User Experience. We’ve also heard the term User Interface. Did you know that User Experience is not the same as User Interface? So why is it that I consistently see a UX/UI Designer roles advertised? As if they are part of the same job. They aren’t. Here is why.

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Blockchain Technology: Application And Development In Five Different Key Industries

Blockchain technology creates a revolution in many areas other than the banking sector. It is used by representatives of various industries: automobile and insurance companies, government organizations, retail chains, transportation industry and others.

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Savvy Online Retailers Add Connected Consumer-Friendly Payment Options

With all sorts of digital services at their fingertips, consumers are looking for convenience when they purchase products or services. Consumers, for instance, are swapping their cable channels for digital streaming subscriptions or using rideshares instead of public transportation services.

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Money Freaks Gen Z Out, Creating Opportunity for Financial Marketers

Nothing stresses Gen Z out more than money and debt. Smart banking providers can swoop in with 'Financial Wellness Coaches.'

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5 ways IBM will transform farming by 2024

With the global population rising to 8 billion, IBM is using AI and IoT devices to meet demands in food production and safety.

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Intelligent Machines and FX Trading

Many commentators and research analysts believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to transform the foreign trade, for example; by reducing the cost of numerous processes throughout the trade lifecycle. Spending on AI is expected to substantially increase over the next five years with much of the investment being focused on Machine Learning and Cognitive analytics.This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Innovative Ways to Onboard a New Customer: How European FIs Are Building Delightful Banking Experiences

A study of 22 banks (institutions + digital-only) across APAC, Europe, and the Middle East analyzing digital onboarding methods &eKYC techniques for opening bank accounts found that OTPs and selfies were the most prevalent modern identity verification methods for digital onboarding among those banks.This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Fintech in the banking environment

The emergence and development of innovative and flexible financial startups is causing a revolution in financial markets by proving that financial services can be built from the ground up, in response to real user needs. So much so that gaining customers’ trust, along with their investment, is now not the sole concern of banks, but also the aim of these versatile and highly-focused startups.This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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